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I have become frustrated that some people think telecommunications policy history began in the mid 1990s when reports got published on the Internet.

On this section of the site I have gathered some documents that are often quoted but seldom read.






The Community Telephone Plan 1960

This document was a plan for the automation of the network, not a statement of intent about universal service or otherwise.  In its introduction it refers to an earlier report "Progress Policy Plans", and so that is also included. As the scanned files are large it has been broken into sections.

Progress Policy Plans [PDF 2.5MB]

CTP Introduction [PDF 1.0M]

CTP Section 1 [PDF 1.0M]

CTP Section 2 [PDF 1.9M]

CTP Section 3 [PDF 1.2M]

CTP Section 4 [PDF 1.4M]

CTP Section 5 [PDF 0.8M]


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