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This section of the site includes both working papers and (for now) some other writings I have had published elsewhere.





The structure of the telecommunications industry after thirteen years of competition.Paper for the CPRF 2010. [DOC]

TCP Code Review.Submission to CommsAlliance July 2010. [PDF]

Self-regulation in telecommunications didnít fail Ė it was never really tried.Working Paper May 2010 [PDF]

Vale Phil Burgess (26 Sep 2008) [PDF]

Why structural separation is in the interests of incumbent telcos and why they don't see it (25 Feb 2008) [PDF]

Telco industry like a dysfunctional family (Ex Cathedra column, Exchange newsletter 10 Aug 2007) [PDF]

Time to look at the big picture (Ex Cathedra column, Exchange newsletter 5 Oct 2007) [PDF]

Time to review the ACCC's role as access regulator (Ex Cathedra column, Exchange newsletter 25 Jan 2008) [PDF]

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